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5 Apps You Need To Get More Organized

On the topic of productivity and organization, I have a confession….. if ya girl can get organized, then I promise you, ANYBODY CAN! Hahaha!!! I honestly thought I was doomed to live in a state of perpetual “messiness”…  I think Nelson thought so too! Lol! But, I followed some simple tricks and tips, and now I’ve gone from messy to organized chaos. It might also  have taken a lot of coffee too but hey… That counts right??!!

A huge think that helped me, especially when I started blogging, was having really accessible apps and tools at my disposal. There’s no need to be wondering where you should go each time you want to look up a really important daily task. You should just have them right there in front of you!

That’s why I wanted to share with y’all what I think are The best mobile apps out there right now for organization and productivity in everyday life! Everything from organizing your money, photos, fitness schedule, and pretty much your LIFE!!!!!

Money, Honey

The last two years I’ve become really observant and thoughtful about what our money is going towards! Just like millions of millennials, we of course have student loan debt, vehicle payments, loans, etc. We made a plan about 1 year ago to target the debt and try to pay it down.
An app that I have found SO helpful for money management and financial tracker is MINT. When it comes to overall budgeting and management of funds, mint is a top choice because you can track bills that are due monthly, get alerts and advice, see your free credit score, all in one app!
I really don’t like the finance apps that it SO damn hard to understand and link everything to it! Another cool thing about MINT is they’re basically an affiliate for INTUIT, so you can manage your small business financing through them as well!

I don’t think you have to overly organized to be fit lol but it doesn’t hurt!

Workin On My Fitness, He’s My Witness

A Fitness app I love and have used time and time again is Sworkit!
They are so easy to follow along, and unlike a lot of free apps, they actually target so many areas I want to work out. The workouts can go from beginning, to intermediate, to hard!
You can also pick the style of training you want do to. From yoga, to cross training, weight lifting, stretching, and just overall quick workouts! Having a gym in walking distance to my apartment is a literal lifesaver, but y’all there’s so many nights I do not get to even think about the gym! You can do any of these workouts at home! With a glass of wine within arms reach if you wish! 😉

Tap Into Your Creativity

I seriously recommend Adobe Spark Post to ANYBODY in the creative content realm! And that spans A TON of people!!!! Lol! Even if you’re a college student and you’re in any type of classes that require graphics made or you just want a fun way to study!
I am probably addicted to the app! Lol! You can search through millions of stocks photos, create photo overlays, text, icons, logos, and more! If you’re a photographer, you can create advertisements using your own photos! It’s so easy to create flyers, social media posts of all kinds, and honestly just really visually appealing photos!
I use this app probably 90% of the time when I’m creating a blog or Pinterest graphic! They let you automatically size and format your photo to whatever social media outlet you’re using!
Here’s a few graphics I have made for various social media posts!

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info heading

info content

Breathe in, Breathe Out

Okay so you don’t have to be mystical or consider yourself a hippy (you totally can be though) to meditate or believe in holistic power. Before this last year, I thought you had to be into something religious of some sort to meditate. I didn’t try it before now!
One thing that meditation apps allow is relaxation! Even if you can’t concentrate that hard, or you don’t feel any “breakthroughs”, or whatever is it you’re thinking in your meditation, you can at least relax! Sometimes that’s all we need to feel better and be more productive! I use two different apps for my meditation! Calm and Headspace! Personally, I enjoy the voices of the mentors a little more on Headspace! Some voices on Calm are hard for me to relax to, but it’s just preference! 🙂

Reach That Goal… Yes YOU!!!!

Motivation app  (Apple podcasts/pep talk app!
I’ve shared tons and tons of podcast snippets on my Instagram stories! You can find my top 5 recommendations blog post here as well! My favorite source for podcasts at the moment is Apple Podcast! If you have an iPhone, the app comes stationary on your phone or apple device! Unlike some other apps I’ve used in the past, they don’t over-complicate the content and make it tough to find certain ones. You can also subscribe to them straight from the queue and get updated when a new episode is available!

Nelson loves Peptalk! It has some really talented and encouraging mentors/coaches on that channel! It is a free app, however there is paid monthly subscription options, so the full app is not usable without paying! You can still get tons out of the free version though!
You may not think this has a lot to do with productivity, but if I don’t listen to my podcasts daily, I feel super thrown off track!

I use these apps ALL the time in my life! I truly feel like if you have a messy mind, you’ll have a messy life. At least with these apps – and lots of coffee – I can clear my mind of the overthinking and confusion! We are already on our mobile phones so much, why not let them do the work? 🙂


Let me know how these work out for you!!! I’d love to hear your must-have apps!


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