About Me

 For years I searched for a small space on the internet where I could find meaningful tips about woman, careers, love and relationships, all the way down to what to cook in the crockpot and how not to get razor bumps when shaving. 😉 I have always appreciated community and women who aren’t afraid to advocate for others! There was a few blogs I’d loved reading and coming to, but I felt pulled to start my own in 2017, which was equally the most challenging, yet best year of my entire life! It’s totally true, that speaking and telling your truth can heal a part of your soul. 

My vision for Just Enough Blush is to be that small space on the internet where women can come to find those same meaningful tips they’re searching for. I focus a lot on relationships, spirituality, and growth mindset. I love to dab into recipes here and there, and share what beauty tip may be working for me lately. Overall, I want to speak my truth, and know that it is helping somebody’s life in some way. 

Do you have goals in your relationship that seem tough to reach? Or have trouble staying positive while navigating through your growth? Do you want to strengthen your spiritual connection, but feel guilty about your starting point? I’ve been there… and in some ways, I still am there. By subscribing to, and reading my posts, you’ll gain some insight to how I navigate these experiences that are so important to live a fulfilled life.

I also just started a book club and I’m looking forward to sharing some of the books we’ve read and our honest reviews – if you like that sorta thing 🙂
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