About Me

There’s tons I want to say and tell you about me! But for now, hi!!!

Tyler Elizabeth Boren, pleased to meet you!

So I’m LA based (newly) – originally from a small town in the Midwest! I grew up in Arkansas, and lived there for most of my life! I studied Psychology and English/Literature back home, and I’ve gotta say, how could you not love this city?! I love the things it has offered me so far, in the ways of some of my passions- oh and the food, yummm!!!!!!

I’ve left some pieces of my heart back home with family, but luckily started a new adventure with my little family. Rocco, Lyla, and my husband Nelson make up this bunch- Sometimes forget to mention two of those above mentioned are dogs 😉

Dogs and diamonds, both, can be a girls best friend!

Goals change often, and I think it’s necessary in life, but one thing that’s always stayed very consistent about me is my passion to just reach people with my words, thoughts, and writing experiences of mine.

What’s that old saying, oh yeah, “We all just wanna be heard”.

And I think in order to express what I’m enjoying, feeling, attempting, questioning, all of those things, I can do that best in my writing! I love to share those things, and would almost say I’m an open book (about most things). But I have learned that relationships really do matter, and it’s gonna be a blast getting to know everyone! You can look forward to some pretty fun, surprising experiences and interacting with me!

2018, we’re comin for ya 😉