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How to Finally Get Whiter Brighter Teeth At Home

What’s the first thing you notice on a man or a woman? No this isn’t a trick question haha! And while this opinion varies I know, for me and millions of others, its a person’s smile/mouth! Our eyes are just kind of drawn there! Have you ever met somebody with insanely pearly whites and just wondered WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO GET THOSE?? Well.. SAME! Been there before too!

I think white teeth is this like taboo subject for so many people! If somebody has white teeth, you’re instantly envious, but honestly don’t do much about your own whitening journey! That’s how it always was more anyway! I saw women and men with beautiful teeth all over my social media and on TV! I did love my smile, and knew my teeth weren’t in awful shape! However, I did want them to be whiter and brighter!

One reason I am thankful for this platform of blogging, other than to share so much with you guys, is I get opportunities I might not have gotten otherwise! Smile Brilliant reached out to me, and together, through my collaboration, we wanted to find a way to show all of you one, how easy the whitening process is, but two, that you CAN have the pearly whites you desire!!!!!

I want to share the process of getting started, how to do your molds, and finally how you can get started whitening!

I want to share the process of getting started, how to do your molds, and finally how you can get started whitening!

Getting Started

I shared some very brief information about my dental history before I got my box sent to me! Inside my box was the components to make my dental impressions! It included paste and base to place inside the plastic dental impressions! You basically are trying to get the most perfect impression of your mouth possible, so that when you actually get your whitening trays back, they fit perfectly! Other than not being able to talk for 6 minutes (big dilemma haha) making the dental impressions wasn’t painful and went pretty smoothly!

Time To Ship Off To The Lab

After your plastic dental impressions dry for a day, you can send them back off to the lab! Smile Brilliant pays for the shipping too! 🙂 It only took about 5 days and I got my molds back!

You guys! I have never had braces or wore retainers, but I always thought something on my teeth would feel so uncomfortable! But these molds fit so good that it didn’t even bother me! Just to admit, I didn’t really want to take them off because I just thought it was so cool how they could be almost an exact replica of my teeth! I know some of you have probably heard me talking with them in on my instagram stories though and for that, I do apologize for the heavy lisp lol!

The Whitening Begins

I can’t lie, when it came time to actually use the whitening serum inside the trays, I was nervous! I didn’t want to put it on my teeth and have it burn! As I said earlier, I have never had good luck with whitening treatments in the past! I remember one time, I bought the Crest Whitening Strips (nothing against them with this statement) and had the worst experience ever! They burned so badly, I had to take them off after a few minutes, and nothing would help the pain! I had this stabbing pain in my gums for hours afterwards! Which is why I was so excited to try Smile Brilliant because they include a desensitizing gel that makes a huge difference!

They do give you good instructions to ensure that you don’t experience sensitivity to those kinds of levels! My very first time whitening I left the trays in for 2 hours. The recommended amount of time is between 45 minutes and 3 hours total! I wasn’t feeling any sensitivity, so I wanted to go for as long as possible! When it was nearing the 2 hour mark, I felt a very slight stinging in the my teeth and gum! When it started feeling like that, I immediately got up and took the trays out! The feeling completely went away! That’s the beautiful thing about using these trays, is it all depends on your sensitivity level! I would whiten while either folding some clothes, cleaning the house, doing my nightly routine, anything you want!

Even though this is a sponsored post, you can clearly see the difference in my teeth, and I couldn’t be happier!



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I’m so excited to share this with each and every one of you, and as always, thank you for the support!

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